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Town Planning

  • Territorial planning: territorial plans and projects of regional interest.
  • General planning: general plans and plans for definition of planning-units.
  • Development planning: partial plans, special plans and detailed surveys.
  • Allotment projects.
  • Expropriation proceedings
  • Negotiating, drafting and processing agreements on zoning and urban management matters
  • Incorporation of compensation boards and maintenance entities of public infrastructure works and advising them on planning matters.
  • Advice on matters dealing with licences and permits (permits for rural land, commercial licences, tourist authorisations, etc.).
  • Advice on processing municipal planning authorisations (works and first occupation licences, activity and operation licences).
  • Legal analysis of plots of land from a planning standpoint.
  • Control and monitoring of the administrative processing of urban developments.
  • Verification of required licences and permits.
  • Verification of the existence of procedures for sanctions or reinstating the pre-existing legal situation from a planning standpoint.
  • Advice on proceedings to reinstate the pre-existing legal situation from a planning standpoint, closure orders and sanctions.
  • Administrative and related procedures on planning and urban management, the rejection of licences and sanctions.

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