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Here's some consultations we have received in the 'Sur' journal.

  • Ref. P.H.I

    Q: Last week I made a deposit of EUR 3,000 in the bank account of a relative of mine, and the clerk asked me to show my NIE number and passport. The deposit has not reached my relative’s account yet, and I think that the problem could be that I have a debt with the same bank for more than fifteen years, and that when showing my identification the bank has seized the money. Do you think that this could be the problem?

    A: The obligation of showing your NIE when making deposits of more than EUR 3,000 is a regulation imposed by the Tax Administration. Regarding your question, if you had made a deposit in a bank account of your ownership, the bank could ask for the seizure of the account but only in case that they had taken legal action to claim the payment of the debt, had obtained a positive judgement and had proceeded to enforce it by asking the seizure of your assets. In other words, they cannot take the money directly. Moreover, as you have deposited the money in somebody’s account, not yours, from that moment the money belongs to the other person, who is a third party in good faith and not a debtor. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the delay has anything to do with the debt you have with the bank.

  • Ref. F.R.A

    Q: I am pregnant and the delivery is expected soon. The company where I work has told me that I am entitled to a 4 months maternity leave, but after that I intend to ask for a reduction of my working hours. If I do this, could they decide to dismiss me? Or would the law protect me, taking into account that the reduction would be for looking after my child?

    A: Law would protect you, so that you can reconcile work and family life. When you explain your case to the company, they will inform you about the percentages that you can take with more or less working hours. In any case, and in order to avoid future problems, make sure that your application for a reduced schedule and the reduction percentage are put in writing in order to have proof of it.

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