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Civil Law

  • Contractual Liability, Tort Liability, Product Liability, Professional Liability.
  • Civil contracts (urban renting and Horizontal Property; general terms and conditions; Agency, distribution, concession and franchise agreements; Proceedings to terminate and rescind agreements; Proceedings concerning the validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial agreements...)
  • Property possesion, transfer and administration of immovable goods.
  • Claims for payment and precautionary measures
  • Enforcement proceedings (personal –deposits- and in rem -pledges and mortgages- guarantees; bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes; foreign judgements and arbitral awards; enforcement of judicial decisions; provisional enforcement of court resolutions; monitory and exchange proceedings.
  • Fundamental rights and inheritance law (calculation and distribution of inheritors’ estates; challenging wills; breaches of right to honour, privacy and personal image; allotment of inheritances…)

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